Sunday, June 8, 2014

Groundhogs are Back

The groundhog saga continues.

When we moved into this house last year, several groundhogs lived under the front porch. I trapped all seven groundhogs and installed a hardware cloth barrier, making it impossible for new groundhogs to move in.

This year we cleared out 15 years' worth of overgrown brush from the edges of the back yard, taking away a few more hiding places.

Today, a tiny groundhog ran across the back patio right in front of me, hiding under the screened in porch in the back of our house. Both dogs were outside and somehow they didn't notice.

We have a concrete patio around the pool and the concrete abuts the screened in porch. At least two groundhogs have created a new burrow *under* the concrete patio with an entrance under the back porch.

I'll have to trap these groundhogs and then rebuild the skirting around the bottom of the porch so it's impossible for new ones to return.


  • Groundhog burrows are sometimes huge - anywhere from 8 to 66 feet!
  • We have two dogs that won't stand a chance against a groundhog defending its territory.
  • We're lucky it's only groundhogs. Enclosed space underneath a porch is also prime skunk real estate.

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